From bullying to high-level performance and conduct management.

Our solutions

Compliance audit:

  1. Current legal compliance; and 
  2. HR baseline metrics: 
  • Employee satisfaction index.
  • Harassment risk: * Past incidents. * Face to face sample group. * Anonymous online survey. * PC Institute benchmarks.
  • Retention.  
  • Absenteeism.  
  • Performance management.  
  • Conduct management.  
  • Grievances and disputes. 
    3. Continuous measurement and improvement

Design and implementation of policies and response procedures:

  1. No-tolerance policy statement.  
  2. Employee compliance undertaking. 
  3. Harassment policy. 
  4. Response procedure including
  • The investigation process.
  • Determine seriousness.
  • Suspension process.
  • Disciplinary process. 
  • Identifying and mitigating re-occurrence risk.  

Awareness and response training offered:

  1. Top management general awareness training and alignment: 
  • Legal and business case.  
  • What is and what is not harassment.  
  • Legal duties.  
  • Project vision/goal. 
  • Project components.  
  • Project metrics.

    2. General employee awareness training and how to reduce the harassment risk with, amongst others the following:  

  • What is and what is not harassment.  
  • Legal duties/reporting.  
  • Prevention: * Profiling the harasser. * Getting off the harassment radar. * Relationship management. * Conflict management.  
  • Gathering evidence.  
  • Human rights and safe work environment: a new vision. 

     3. Managing world-class performance, without bullying: 

  • Aligning individual KPI’s with organisational goals.  
  • Clear processes, roles and responsibilities.  
  • Clear expectations on delivery of output. Daily/weekly/monthly outputs.  
  • Ongoing tracking/coaching.  
  • Managerial performance assessment (quarterly).  
  • Poor-performance, misconduct/ medical incapacity management.

    4. Managing poor-performance: 

  • What is poor-performance versus misconduct and medical incapacity? 
  • Performance agreement and probation.  
  • The poor-performance procedure. 

    5. Harassment response and disciplinary procedure: advanced training for managers and HR/ legal departments: 

  • Misconduct penalty theory.  
  • Misconduct investigation with practical role play.  
  • Drafting of enquiry notice and charges with practical role play.  
  • Settlement strategies. 
  • Preparing for the enquiry: * Drafting a statement of case. * Preparing a bundle of documents. * Drafting witness questions and preparing witnesses. * Cross-examination.  
  • Dealing with preliminary points and delaying tactics.  
  • Opening the enquiry.  
  • How to deal with guilty and not guilty pleadings.  
  • Evidence in chief.  
  • Cross-examination.  
  • Appropriate penalty.  
  • Closing argument.  
  • Chairperson’s ruling re: guilt and penalty.  
  • Drafting the dismissal letter.